This Week on The Americana Pulse: 2/4/15



Welcome to the new blog.

In this space, I will be keeping you up to date on what will be coming up each week on The Americana Pulse radio show on WDVX. I also hope to keep you up to date on news and happenings in and around the world of Americana music, as well as events here at WDVX. I’m also looking at some other things down the road as well… but we’ll get to that when it comes around. It will be a little different from my old site, but hopefully just as fun.

Now… about this week’s show.

Each week on The Americana Pulse, I choose one Classic Album to spotlight throughout the night. I’ll air at least one song from the album in each hour of the show, and sometimes try to pair those songs up with tunes from other artists that expand on the sounds and themes of the featured record. This week, that Classic Album is How Will the Wolf Survive from Los Lobos.

How Will the Wolf Survive is the 1984 major label debut from Los Lobos, and was produced by T Bone Burnett. Musically, the album contains elements of rock and blues with a strong current of Mexican rhythms and border flavor running throughout. One hour, we’ll explore those border sounds in a set featuring Los Lobos alongside artists like Los Super 7 and The Mavericks. Another set will focus on band members outside the confines of the band. Our extended set later in the show will focus on all things lupine, as we hear a collection of wolf tunes.



Also, each week at 7:00, we feature a conversation with a songwriter in a segment called Three Songs. I ask the artists to share the stories and recording processes behind two of their own songs and to share a song from another artist that inspires or speaks to them in some way. The artist shares the stories… then I play the songs.

This week, Israel Nash talks about how the landscape of his new home inspired his new record, the story behind the WDVX favorite tune “Evening,” and his love of the music of Van Morrison.

At other points in the night we check in with some new releases, hear tunes from artists who are headed to Knoxville, and share artist birthdays (This week: Isbell) and events from this week in Americana history in the Americana Almanac.

Mostly, though, I just try to play some good music, share some info about the artists I feature, and have a good time. Hopefully, you can join me at, or catch the show later On Demand. Also feel free to join the conversation here, on the WDVX facebook page, or on twitter (@nelsonwdvx).

The Americana Pulse airs Wednesday nights from 6-11 (Eastern) on WDVX.

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  1. Hunpo says:

    I am so excited that you are blogging again! Greatly missed the previous blog. Welcome back!

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