This Week on The Americana Pulse


Things are gonna be a little different on the show this week.

First off, tonight is the night Tennessee Shines moves into its new time slot at 7:00 on Wednesdays. Each week, you’ll be able to hear a full hour of live music from some of the best Americana artists around broadcast live from Boyd’s Jig & Reel Pub in downtown Knoxville. Tonight’s installment is the 3rd Anniversary of Tennessee Shines and features local favorites RB Morris, Jay Clark, Greg Horne, and the Appalachian Hippie Poet Bill Alexander. Upcoming shows in March will have Rob Ickes and Cliff Eberhardt among others.

Of course, this means some changes are on the way for The Americana Pulse as well. I’ll still be on the air on Wednesday nights. I’ll just be on from 6:00-7:00 and 8:00-11:00 instead of the full five hour block. I’ll still be doing a Classic Album and Three Songs every week, I’ll just be reformatting the rest of the show a little bit to fit everything in. I’ll know more about exactly what’s happening in two weeks after the Fund Drive. In the meantime, I’d love to hear suggestions for what direction the show should follow.

Tonight, I’ll mostly be throwing the regular show format out the window and just having a good old time on the air while raising funds for WDVX. Tim Lee, Susan Bauer Lee, and Kevin Abernathy will in the studio live at 8:00 to talk about their new records (Tim Lee 3, Bark, & Kevin all have new ones) and their upcoming CD release shows this Friday. They’ll also be playing some tunes live in the studio.

I’ll also be featuring live tracks from the new WDVX Fund Drive Thumb Drive in the Classic Album slot. The Thumb Drive features live performances from several Blue Plate, Tennessee Shines, First Friday, World Class Bluegrass, and in-studio guests from the last several months and is available for a $150 pledge of support.


As I’ve already mentioned, tonight is the first day of the Spring Fund Drive at WDVX.

As you may know, listener support is the main thing that helps us keep the music going at the station. We pull in financial support from a variety of sources including grants, underwriting, merchandise sales, and events. Our biggest source of funding, however, is… and always has been… our listeners. You are the reason we’ve been on the air for 18 years and counting. With your support, we’ll keep on going forward as well.

Tune in and support if you can. I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible tonight and next week during my shifts. If you can’t call in to make your pledge tonight, please remember to mention The Americana Pulse when you do. I love to hear from listeners when you’re enjoying the show, and mentioning the show when you pledge lets the station know that it’s a valuable part of the program schedule as well.

You can support WDVX by calling 866-946-9389 or visiting us at

Thank you all for reading, listening, and supporting.

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