The Americana Week that Was: 3/1 – 3/7


A couple of major things happened on Wednesday at WDVX.

First and foremost, our Spring fund Drive kicked of on Wednesday. WDVX is a listener supported radio station, meaning that our primary source of funding comes from listener donations instead of commercials and other traditional revenue streams. For 18 years, our listeners and supporters have helped us keep the music going at WDVX. You can become a supporter by calling the phone numbers listed above or checking out some of our premium items on the WDVX website.

Also on Wednesday, Tennessee Shines moved to it’s new night and new location (Wednesdays at 7:00 from Boyd’s Jig & Reel) with an all Knoxville lineup featuring music from RB Morris, Greg Horne, & Jay Clark, poetry from the Appalachian Hippie Poet Bill Alexander, and a bit of history from Jack Neeley. Check out the upcoming Tennessee Shines schedule on the WDVX website.


6 String Drag on WDVX First Friday Live

This Week’s WDVX On Demand Guide:

WDVX has an average of about 15 artists per week playing live at our studio in some form or another. Those performances (along with all our programming) are archived on our website to stream for two full weeks. Each week, I give you a little guide to where and when you need to go to hear some of the week’s highlights. Simply choose the day and hour you want to listen to.

Wednesday 3/4 at Noon: Caroline Spence & Robby Hecht and Danny Brooks & Lil Miss Debbi on the Blue Plate Special

Like I said. Wednesday was big day at the station. You’ll see what I mean. Caroline Spence released her fantastic new album Somehow on Tuesday, and shared some of the tunes from that record with us on Wednesday. As a bonus, Spence has been playing some dates with Robbie Hecht of late, and the Knoxville native sat in with Spence on a few tunes. You might also remember that Spence & Hecht released a new song together a few weeks ago as well.

Wednesday 3/4 at 2:00: The Mastersons & Aaron Lee Tasjan in the studio

Fund drive week always brings a few surprises. Usually, the surprises are for the listeners, but sometimes the staff gets a shock as well. It seems as though someone (possibly me… I’m not admitting to anything) forgot to tell our DJ, Red that Tasjan and The Mastersons were planning to stop by the studio on their way to a gig in Gatlinburg that night. Either way, surprises are awesome, and we all got treated to two tunes from The Mastersons and one more from Tasjan.

Wednesday 3/4 at 7:00: RB Morris, Greg Horne, Jay Clark, Jack Neely, and Bill Alexander on Tennessee Shines

As I mentioned earlier, Tennessee Shines moved to its new night this week. In addition to celebrating the new night and venue, Shines also celebrated it’s third anniversary with a tribute to the musical history to Knoxville.

Wednesday 3/4 at 8:00 & Friday 3/6 at Noon: Tim Lee 3 & Kevin Abernathy on Americana Pulse and The Blue Plate Special

Friday saw the official release of new CD’s from Kevin Abernathy, Tim Lee 3, and Tim & Susan Lee’s new duo side project Bark. Wednesday night, Tim and Kevin spent an hour in the studio with me talking about songwriting and spinning tracks from all three new records. Susan Bauer Lee joined Tim and Kevin Friday on the Blue Plate Special for some live versions of the tunes.

Friday 3/6 at 7:00: 6 String Drag on First Friday Live

Holy Cow! What a trip it was to have the reunited 6 String Drag on our stage Friday. The band released its first new record in 18 years this February. On that record, Roots Rock ‘N’ Roll, Kenny Roby and the guys sound as though they never left. The band was on fire, and the new songs were just as joyous as the ones from two decades past. Also, my daughter tagged along with me for her first First Friday show. That’s her freaking out at the end of the hour when I mention her hero, Farmer Jason.

It was a pretty good week.

raywylieruffianNow it’s time for some new music:

*Ray Wylie Hubbard has a new record on the way in April. He already released the first track from the record (“Chick Singer, Badass Rockin’“) to Rolling Stone a few weeks back. Now, his newest track, “Hey Mama, My Time Ain’t Long,” is up as an exclusive stream over at Elmore Magazine. Both of these tracks are Ray Wylie Hubbard at his Ray Wylie Hubbardest.

*The title track from Pokey Lafarge’s new album Something in the Water has been floating around the internet for a few weeks now. Late last week, the video for the song surfaced as well. Bob Boilen from NPR’s All Songs Considered has a nice write up on the track over on that site as well.

Finally, a few links to take us out:

*I was a die hard devotee of Dr. Demento back in my younger days. I’m talking, I was the kind of guy who taped the show off the radio and waited with baited breath each week to find out who held the coveted top spot on the Funny Five. This article about novelty songs over at No Depression isn’t solely about the good Doctor, but he does play a large part in it. And yes, “Shaving Cream” was a favorite of mine. This one too…

*Ever wondered exactly where the banjo came from, and how it came to be used as it is today? The Bluegrass Situation has got you covered. As a side note, I am pro-banjo myself, but I do enjoy a good banjo joke. Feel free to leave some good ones in the comments.

*Finally… This one’s a couple weeks old, but Son Volt’s “Windfall” is one of my all-time favorite songs, and American Songwriter takes a look at it here.

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