John Moreland: High on Tulsa Heat

johnmorelandOK. So… Mumford & Sons released a new Coldplay single today… or something. Whatever.

Listen. If you only hear one new track that got released today, it should be the new one from John Moreland. It’s streaming now on the CMT Edge website and is accompanied by a nice interview with Moreland as well.

If you don’t know John Moreland, you should. The Oklahoma product blew me away with his previous record In the Throes, and the key track from that album, “Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore,” is probably one of my top five songs of the decade so far.

High on Tulsa Heat is set for release April 21, and is one of my most highly anticipated releases of 2015. This song release today is our first official taste of the new record, and it gives me no reason to pull back my expectations for this disc.

If you are a fan of songwriting, you need to be a fan of John Moreland. It’s that simple.

Go listen to the new song… then come back here and check out a couple videos of songs from Moreland’s first record.

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