Whitehorse: In Videos

whitehorseI was in the car with my daughter over the weekend on our way to see Farmer Jason perform at the radio station. We were listening to the new Whitehorse record in the background while simultaneously having a riveting conversation about Farmer Jason, Todd Snider, moose, tractors, and other typical things you talk about with a four year old.

Then, “Downtown,” the third track on Whitehorse’s Leave No Bridge Unburned came through the speakers, and everything else stopped. The only thing I heard after the opening drumbeats of the song was, “Daddy. Stop talking. Stop talking. This is a really good song.”

She’s right. It is. Even after I had to eventually put the track on repeat all the way to the station… and all the way back home… I still agree.

I looked up the video for the song later that night, and it was pretty cool too. That’s when I was reminded just how many cool videos Whitehorse has in their catalog, and I was inspired to share a few of them with you.  Let’s start with the one that started this.

And a couple more from the new record…

They also have a slew of high quality performance videos of tunes from some of their earlier records.

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