The Mastersons: In Video


Something I’m going to try to do each week going forward is a little exploration of various artists through their YouTube catalogs. I had fun with the Whitehorse post last week, so I thought I’d keep it going.

This week, we’re visiting with Chris Masterson and Eleanor Whitmore… better known as The Mastersons. Chris and Eleanor have put out two records now on the New West label, with their latest, Good Luck Charm, coming out last summer. While they’ve only been recording as a couple (Chris & Eleanor are married) for a few years, each of The Mastersons has a solo record to their credit that predates the band as well as a string of credits working with artists ranging from Son Volt to Levon Helm.

In 2011, Chris and Eleanor joined Steve Earle’s band and became featured players on his tours and records. Their 2012 debut record Birds Fly South was recorded around tours with Earle, and the two have continued to pull double duty with Earle and as their own entity ever since.

We’ll start with a few tunes off their newest record, including the official video for “Closer to You” as well as live recordings of “Good Luck Charm” & “Uniform” from the record.

Birds Fly South ranked as my favorite release of 2012, and we’ll close out our video tribute to the The Mastersons with a couple of tunes from that record. “One Word More” was the lead single from the album and came complete with an official video. The other video is a live recording of “The Other Shoe” recorded in Woodstock.


Eleanor’s sister, Bonnie Whitmore, is a pretty rad artist in her own right, and has been known to tour as a member of The Mastersons from time to time as well. You can see her in both of the “official videos” above (she’s fighting lady in “One Word More” and is taking out the trash in “Closer to You”), but I wanted to giver her a turn in the spotlight too.

Here’s a live look at one of my favorite Bonnie Whitmore songs.

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