Weekly Playlist for 8/5/19: The Right in Time Edition

headerI’m still taking some time off from WDVX to spend more time at home with my family and my new son, but I’m also still trying to keep up with some of the new releases that keep flying our way every week. Lately it seems as though somebody drops a new song nearly every day.

It’s never easy to keep up with everything, but I do seem to have added an extra degree of difficulty here lately. You can only pay so much attention to that new track you’re playing in the background while you’re up by yourself at 2AM trying to coax a baby who has his days and nights slightly confused to finally give in to sleep for the night… or at least for the next three hours until he needs to be fed again.

What I’m trying to say is… I’m doing the best I can here folks. We’ll be keeping some of these entries short and sweet again this week.

Let’s get to it.

mcm1. Angie McMahon – “Keeping Time”
Angie McMahon is a young songwriter from Australia who has been in heavy rotation for me since the release of her new album Salt just over a week ago. I’ve also been hearing great things about her recent appearance at The Newport Folk Fest and enjoyed reading her brief account of a gig in Knoxville with The Pixies this spring. I mean… I would’ve liked to see that Pixies show anyway, but now I’m really sad I missed it.

2. Courtney Barnett – “Nameless, Faceless”
Let’s stay in Australia for this next tune as well with this 2018 track from Courtney Barnett. Here, Barnett has turned a Margaret Atwood quote into an empowering anthem aimed at lashing back at the male internet trolls who inspired the song. Want another Pixies reference this early in the list? Kim Deal can be heard on this track providing backing vocals.

gig3. Pixies – “Gigantic”
Honest talk. This song was not on the playlist when I started typing out this post, but I can’t mention The Pixies twice in the first two items and then not slip them in here. Here’s more Kim Deal for you, then. Consider this a bonus track this week.

4. Tyler Childers – “Country Squire”
If you want to know what the most anticipated release in the world of country and Americana music was last Friday, you needn’t look any further than the latest album from Tyler Childers. This is the title track from Childers’ follow up to his 2017 breakthrough Purgatory, and is a worthy successor for the young Eastern Kentucky artist. We can all argue over how the music Childers makes should be classified, but there is no denying where it, or he, comes from.

5. Chris Knight – “I’m William Callahan”
This is the first new music from Chris Knight in seven years. I’ve been hearing rumblings for a while now that Knight had something new on the way, and I’m very excited to know now that something is Almost Daylight due October 11. As good as this sounds, I am very anxiously awaiting the rest of this record.

safepassage6. John Calvin Abney – “Turn Again”
John Moreland.
Tim Easton.
Samantha Crain.
Beth Bombara.
Carter Sampson.

These are just a few of the artists you’ve heard John Calvin Abney supporting on record over the last few years. Abney also has a slew of records out under his own name with the latest being Safe Passage out September 27.

7. R.E.M. – “Fretless”
There aren’t many bands with as deep of a rarities and b-sides catalog as R.E.M. Out of all of them, this one is probably my favorite. The track originally appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Until the End of the World. It makes me feel fine.

8. Lucy Dacus – “Night Shift”
I’ve featured Lucy Dacus here before as part of the super group boygenius, but this is the song from her 2018 album Historian that pulled me into her sphere last year. I was told a story last week about how a “friend of a friend” may have played a part in helping Dacus find the inspiration to write this song. I love the way this one changes directions and builds power as it goes along.

9. The Highwomen – “The Chain”
The Highwomen recorded this Fleetwood Mac cover for the upcoming Melissa McCarthy/Tiffany Haddish/Elizabeth Moss movie The Kitchen. Parts of it showed up in a trailer for the film early last week, and the full track was released by Friday. This is just Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Maren Morris, & Amanda Shires having fun and laying down some amazing harmonies on a classic tune. My wife, who is the biggest Fleetwood fan I know, has given it her full approval.

aubrie-dragyoudown10. Aubrie Sellers – “Drag You Down”
Aubrie Sellers has a new album on the way… and you now know as much about it as I do. The title and release date of the project have not yet been released, but the first track from the project has. This is it.

11. Tegan and Sara – “I’ll Be Back Someday”
Big Tegan and Sara fan here. I’ll always check out new music from the Quin sisters, and I’ll always likewise find myself sufficiently rocked by it. Tegan and Sara’s new album Hey, I’m Just Like You comes out September 27. It will follow a memoir titled High School that will release just a few days earlier on the 24th.

12. Wagons – “Wake Up”
Henry Wagons takes us back to Australia here in the middle of the mix. With this new release Songs From the Aftermath set to release on August 9, Henry will also launch an Australian tour to celebrate 20 years of making music with the band that bears his surname.

front13. Front Country – “G.L.Y.P.”
Front Country will play in Knoxville Sunday night (8/10) at The Open Chord in a show presented by WDVX. This is a band using primarily  traditional instruments to produce anything but a traditional sound. This one brings a bit of a dreamy pop element into the mix.

14. Billy Strings – “Away from the Mire”
15. Spirit Family Reunion – “Would You Would, or Would You Wont”
16. Charlie Parr – “Jubilee”
I’ve told you in recent weeks about upcoming releases from Billy Strings (9/27) and Spirit Family Reunion (8/9). The latest tracks released from those projects are listed here along with the first track to surface from a new self-titled Charlie Parr project set to release on 9/27. Charlie suffered an accident following the release of 2017’s Dog, and had to completely relearn how to play the guitar. The results on this first track, “Jubilee,” seem rather joyous to say the least.

tuttle17. Molly Tuttle – “Light Came In (Power Went Out)”
Molly Tuttle is headlining the WDVX Summer Sessions show in Oak Ridge on September 14, and I would normally wait until then to highlight her here. Tuttle’s latest record When You’re Ready is so good, though, that I’ll likely be sprinkling in several songs from it between now and then.

18. Bonnie Bishop – “Every Happiness Under the Sun”
19. Trigger Hippy – “Don’t Wanna Bring You Down”
Both of these songs appeared late last week, and both seem to have sprung from similar laid back bluesy origins. Bonnie Bishop rewarded her fans earlier this year by releasing an EP of acoustic versions songs from earlier in her career. This is the first track from her newest studio offering, The Walk, due October 4.

Trigger Hippy are back after a five year absence with a new song from their upcoming album Full Circle & Then Some (October 11), and a new lineup to boot. This time around, Joan Osborne and Jackie Greene are replaced by Ed Jurdi from Band of Heathens and Amber Woodhouse from Luthi. They join original members Steve Gorman and Nick Govrik.

20. HAIM – “Summer Girl”
Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim burst on the scene in 2013 with a sound that was fully immersed in the synth laden pop sound of the 1980’s. With the release of their new single last week, though, the sisters find themselves moving into somewhat grittier territory with a bit of a nod to Lou Reed. For now, this appears to be a standalone single with no announcement yet of a new album in HAIM’s near future.

tribe21. A Tribe Called Quest – “Check the Rhime”
The Lou Reed comparisons with HAIM’s new track are obviously well deserved. For some reason though, that song also makes a lot of sense to me when placed next to some heavily jazz flavored hip-hop from the legendary A Tribe Called Quest. As always Q-Tip and Phife Dawg are on point here.

22. Sheryl Crow & Chris Stapleton – “Tell Me When It’s Over”
Sheryl Crow’s new album Threads finds the veteran songwriter collaborating with everyone from Chuck D to Emmylou Harris. Because I know how much he loved Tuesday Night Music Club back in high school, I can tell you Chris Stapleton was probably pretty thrilled to be a part of this collection.

gloria23. Gloria Gaynor & Mike Farris – “Man of Peace”
While we’re on the subject of collaboration, this next entry features disco queen Gloria Gaynor ripping it up with Mike Farris from Gaynor’s new album Testimony. The two give us their take on an old Bob Dylan tune that warns of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

24. Lillie Mae – “A Golden Year”
This is the third track from Lillie Mae’s upcoming album Other Girls to hit in advance of its release on August 16. Mae claims this particular song came to her as a bit of divine inspiration.

25. Ever More Nest – “So Low”
Ever More Nest is on the WDVX Blue Plate Special today (8/5) with Brian Paddock (more on him later). Ever More Nest is the current musical project of New Orleans songwriter Kelcy Mae Wilburn. According to the band’s website, this album was made after Wilburn experienced totality and met her spirit guide while traveling to Tennessee.

26. Aoife O’Donovan – “Red & White & Blue & Gold (Acoustic)”
A friend on twitter was asking last week for a list of songs with colors in the title for a project she was working on. This was the first one that came to mind. When I tried to send my friend a link to the original version that appeared on Aoife O’Donovan’s 2013 album Fossils, I noticed O’Donovan had just issued this acoustic reading back in June.

ana27. Ana Egge – “Hurt a Little”
28. Robbie Robertson & Van Morrison – “I Hear You Paint Houses”
29. Mike & The Moonpies – “You Look Good in Neon”
Let’s go rapid fire on some new releases here in the home stretch.

Ana Egge’s latest, Is it the Kiss, comes your way on September 6. The album is produced by Alec Spiegelman and features guest appearances from Iris DeMent and Buck Meek from Big Thief.

Robbie Robertson from the band will issue a new collection of songs called Sinematic on September 20. The songs are partly autobiographical and partly pulled from an upcoming Martin Scorsese movie Robertson scored.

Mike and the Moonpies left the Red Dirt of Texas and headed to the UK to record with The London Symphony Orchestra at Abby Road for their newest record. It’s out now, and you wanna get on this.

hounds30. The Royal Hounds – “Road Scholar”
I’ve been sitting on this new album from my buddy Scott Hinds’ band The Royal Hounds since May, and I’m very happy to say that it is finally now out in the world. The band is based in Nashville these days, but Hinds spent some time on the payroll at WDVX, and was a well liked member of the Knoxville music community before the move to Music City. If you love accelerator to the floor rockabilly tunes with an often slanted sense of humor, The Royal Hounds might just be the band you’re looking for.

31. Brian Paddock and The American Gentlemen- “Love is Weird”
Finally this week, Brian Paddock is another local favorite who will be sharing some songs on the WDVX Blue Plate Special today (8/5). Paddock set out on a solo career last year after several years fronting the band Shimmy & The Burns. This is Paddock’s second release in two years as a solo artist… his first in front of his new backing band, The American Gentlemen.

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